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Left to Right: "Jubaan" "Usakose The Boy From Oz (Exported to South Africa) and his litter sister "Gabby" "Usakose Excuse Me Boys" and their dam "Corky" "Ch. Usakose Town Temptress (brown nose).  Both pups were 4 months old when this photo was taken.
"Gizmo" "Grand Ch. Usakose Talk of the Town (AI)" winning Australian Bred of Show at Junior KC in April 1996 under Mrs Watson (Vic).
Nathan and "Gizmo"
playing "cowboys and indians" 1994.
The X-Mas Boys!  "Gizmo" and Nathan X-mas 1997 acting like fools.
Nathan with "Nikki"and "Gizmo" 1992.  The things dogs have to put up with!  Thankfully Nathan has learnt that to hear a dogs heart beat you have to get closer than the neck.  "Gizmo" is the patient with "Nikki" watchful as ever.
Four wise heads (October 2001).  From back to front: "Gabby"; "Tubby"; "Murphy" & "Corky".
There's nothing quite like the bond between mums and their sons!  "Nikki" (bottom) and "Gizmo" (top).  He just loves his mum.

Spring Siesta! under the Mulberry Tree (October 2001).  Ridgebacks doing what ridgebacks do best!
Ch. Usakose Master Copy - BIS Line Up Alice Springs
Ch. Usakose Master Copy - BIS Line Up Alice Springs